This is an inside page

I find the process of designing web pages to be nearly endlessly fascinating. You have to combine the technical with the artistic and the aesthetic, and that appeals to both sides of my nature.

Wouldn't it be better if all web designs were a bit more like this? Ah, it brings to mind a simpler day! I frequently visit websites where the navigation is complex, and counter-intuitive. It makes for a frustrating trip around the internet! It almost seem as if the web designers and developers are trying to make things more challenging and difficult for people, just so they can show off!

We figured that, like us, most website visitors like it when it's easy to get around a website, so we've put together a selection of designs that do just that: make it easy to get around a website.

We think your website's visitors will appreciate it too. Needless to say, visitors who are less aggravated, less frustrated, less irritated, are also giong to be more in a mood to buy something from you, or to contact you, or to engage your services. That's the basic premise anyway. Do you agree

The rest of this is random filler text that you don't need to read. You might find it interesting, but I doubt it. It truly represents only random thoughts passing through our mind at the moment. What a nice day it is out now! Well, it won't be that way forever, but I'm enjoying it now.